Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Google Site Maps

Ok, most people are always trying to get more traffic into they forum, what I suggest as a first choice is Site Maps from Google. Google Site Maps is a great way to get search bots into your website. What site maps does is get the search bots to go to your site more frequently and stay there more time. I made this tutorial on how to add your site to Site Maps.

1. Go to the Site Maps log on page and log on

2. On the top, under the Google logo , you will see an Add Your Site box, put the link of your site there and click OK

3. After you see your site in the Site list, on the top it says Site Maps and Site Verified?, click on Verify

4. On Choose verification method choose Add a META tag

5. When the meta tag appears, copy paste it

6. Now, go to your forum ACP, Blog edit template ect...

7. If its in a forum, go to edit template and copy paste the tag in between the header. I should be inserted anywhere between < head> < /head>, and it wont show up anywhere in the index. What this is, is a way to confirm for google to confirm that you are the webmaster of whatever site you are adding

8. Click Verify

9. Then you will be redirected to a page, exit the page and go here and add your site.

If you need more support on this either go to the Google Site Maps Support Group or to Forum Blog's Google Groups Page and get support, if you go to Forum Blog's Google Page I will help you personally


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